Move up the ranks with the Goal Station training system

Improve your game using data. The innovative Goal Station training methods will fast-forward your skills:

– Get a better first touch
– Make a faster first pass
– Become better at short passing
– Improve your scanning skills

It will be fun, and you will learn faster than ever. Training with Goal Station gives you precise statistics on your daily improvement, and you can move up the ranks until becoming a Pro player.

Here's all you need

There's a rebounder in the background. A light on the top of the rebounder will tell you what rebounder to hit next.
Coaches and players can use the Goal Station app to decide what drill to play, and the app will control the lights.
As a player, you get the statistics into your account. Then, both the coach and the player can follow the progress in real-time. That's it.

Measure your basic skills

See how fast you can play a drill without missing a rebounder. Goal Station drills are developed by professional coaches to support player development from talent to a pro contract. Sensors on the rebounders measure everything, so you can learn how to improve.

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